Though Rush the band is finished, we are nowhere near finished with the band, whose legacy only grows in the 4 years since Neil Peart’s retirement. And their final tour is turning out to be the tour that won’t go away—thankfully.

Their R40 tour has been memorialized in a live Blu-ray/DVD/CD set, fans’ enthusiasm has been documented in the Time Stand Still documentary film, and now R40 returns to theaters on August 21, 2019, for a Cinema Strangiato. This cinematic event will feature even more footage from the band’s final tour, in the form of backstage candids, rehearsals, soundchecks, and interviews with many of the same famous fans who populated Time Stand Still and the earlier Beyond the Lighted Stage documentary. They’ve even snuck in a new interview with the author of Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book of Bass.

Most promisingly, this “one night only” event (which will surely see a home video disc release in time for Christmas, c’mon) is only the first “Annual Exercise in Fan Indulgence.” And in a career like that of Rush, there’s easily 40 more years of fan indulgence ahead.

By Craig E. Bacon

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