I’ve attended several Doobie Brothers shows long after their hits days have expired. If there’s one thing I can bring away is the fact that they still put on a great live set. And so it’s no surprise to find a late-era live set hitting the marketplace soon.

On June 28, the extremely resilient Doobie Brothers will release a live set via Rhino Records of their two night stand at NYC’s famed Beacon Theatre. The plan for those dates were to celebrate Toulouse Street ( 1972) with other selected hits on November 15, and then on November 16, celebrate The Captain and Me (1973), also with selected additional hits. This newly released set will feature the performance sets of both albums and add in selected extra hits. (The album cover states otherwise.)

The set is being referred to as Live From The Beacon Theatre. It will be released as a 2CD set, DD, a BD, and a 2CD/1DVD Deluxe package.

The Doobie BrothersLive From The Beacon Theatre

01 Listen To The Music
02 Rockin’ Down The Highway
03 Mamaloi
04 Toulouse Street
05 Cotton Mouth
06 Don’t Start Me To Talkin’
07 Jesus Is Just Alright
08 White Sun
09 Disciple
10 Snake Man

01 Natural Thing
02 Band Intros
03 Long Train Runnin’
04 China Grove
05 Dark Eyed Cajun Woman
06 Clear As The Driven Snow
07 Without You
08 South City Midnight Lady
09 Evil Woman
10 Busted Down Around O’Connelly Corners
11 Ukiah
12 The Captain And Me
13 Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me)
14 Black Water
15 Listen To The Music (Reprise)

By MARowe