By the release of Cosmic Thing (1989), The B-52s were already four albums deep into the time frame (five if you count the excellent David-Byrne produced EP, Mesopotamia). But Cosmic Thing added a booster rocket to the band’s music delivering four hit singles, two of them highly recognizable classics (“Roam”, “Love Shack”). This gave the band a raucous and memorable “tin roof…rusted” quadruple platinum selling album.

On June 28, Rhino Records will help The B-52s celebrate the album’s 30th Anniversary with a 2CD 30th Anniversary Edition of Cosmic Thing.

Cosmic Thing (30th Anniversary Expanded Edition) – The B-52s
01 Cosmic Thing
02 Dry County
03 Deadbeat Club
04 Love Shack
05 Junebug
06 Roam
07 Bushfire
08 Channel Z
09 Topaz
10 Follow Your Bliss
Bonus Tracks
11 B-52’s Megamix
12 Love Shack (Radio Edit)
13 Channel Z (Rock Mix)
14.Roam (Extended Remix)
15 Roam (12″ Remix)

01 Cosmic Thing
02 Bushfire
03 Quiche Lorraine
04 Dance This Mess Around
05 Dry County
06 Private Idaho
07 Give Me Back My Man
08 Deadbeat Club
09 Mesopotamia
10 Strobe Light
11 Roam
12 52 Girls
13 Love Shack
14 Rock Lobster
15 Whammy Kiss
16 Channel Z

By MARowe

2 thoughts on “The B-52s Celebrate 30th Anniversary Of Cosmic Thing With 2CD Edition”
  1. 1) What is the date and location of the “live” tracks for the 2nd disc of the “Cosmic Thing” anniversary release? If they come from multiple concerts, which concerts are involved and who is playing bass and drums?
    2) Will the original album be remastered? If so, who is doing the remastering?
    3) What is the source of the 1st CD’s original mix? Is Rhino able to use the original 2-track stereo master tape?


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