In what would be the last thing I’d think I’d see revisited as a reissue (other than new vinyl represses), a Brian Eno ambient classic is on the calendar to be reissued in an elaborate expanded fashion. (It’s not that I don’t like or discredit ambient classics, ambient Deluxe Editions do not happen often enough.) Eno is a popular name in Rock as a one-time member of Roxy Music, an eclectic solo artist, an innovative ambient artist, and a successful producer of highly popular albums. Therefore, it’s great to find that Brian Eno’s audio collaboration with Daniel Lanois and Roger Eno, known as Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks will be getting a remaster and extended Edition for us fans. And not just on vinyl LP.

On July 19, Capitol Records will reissue Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks in several forms that will include a 2LP set, a 2CD se, and a 2CD set in a 24-page hardbound book numbered edition.

The bonus music will include eleven new compositions of “reimagined” soundtrack for the 1983 original film, Apollo (later named For All Mankind).

As an aside, if you ever get a chance, please have a listen to Roger Eno‘s fine album, Voices (1985). If you’re an ambient fan, this album will not disappoint.

Apollo: Atmospheres & SoundtracksBrian Eno (with Daniel Lanois, Roger Eno)

CD1, LP1:
01 Under Stars
02 The Secret Place
03 Matta
04 Signals
05 An Ending (Ascent)
06 Under Stars II
07 Drift
08 Silver Morning
09 Deep Blue Day
10 Weightless
11 Always Returning
12 Stars

CD2, LP2:
01 The End Of A Thin Cord
02 Capsule
03 At The Foot Of A Ladder
04 Waking Up
05 Clear Desert Night
06 Over The Canaries
07 Last Step From The Surface
08 Fine-Grained
09 Under The Moon
10 Strange Quiet
11 Like I Was A Spectator

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