Over the decades, we (you and I) have been quite fond of the alternative art-styled singers. All one has to do is to mention Kate Bush to be reminded of what I’m referring to. For the subject of this short piece, we won’t stray too far with the mention of Vera Sola. 

Vera Sola is a folk singer who has disguised her reality with an assumed name. She has also provided a world of music with the heady complexities of abstract art. So few are successful with that undertaking. But I find Vera Sola so refreshing in her art that I wanted to alert you that she’s out there.

She has experimented with a wealth of personal interests. But eventually, the stuff you take in needs to be vented with your own ideas. Poetry, philosophy, art. It needs expression. And so Vera Sola records an album, Shades, and releases it in the latter part of November 2018. 

Shades has ten tracks, all of which appeal to an artistic side using a Rock ‘n Roll/Folk style. The music is unencumbered by over-production thus providing a rich trip in an artery flowing from the heart right to the brain. Her presentation is ethereal and dream-like. Her performance art is unconventional, and her vocals Bryan Ferry-like. Her lyrics are challenging.

I think that Vera Sola is a talent that will reach a modicum of success. She’s not for everyone. As Shades is an album fresh out of the gates, it will be some time before we get another. 

And Vera, it’s ok to make album number two. We’re listening. 

By MARowe