Contemporary artists put out plenty of great music to go alongside our love of reissued music. In fact, it could be argued effectively that there are more excellent artists at one time in this era than ever before. And they are getting music out to a greater reach of people who are in tune with that part of today’s music. One of those artists putting out great music is Anastasia Minster. She is currently in the closing days of her Kickstarter campaign to complete the funding of her third album, Song of Songs.

The production of Song of Songs will include a 30-piece orchestra to accompany the lyrical beauty and music of Anastasia Minster. The Kickstarter campaign is set to end June 22. If you are a fan of Anastasia Minster, then visit this Kickstarter campaign to help her complete the awaited new album, which will feature 8 new tracks. The new album will draw inspiration from the ancient texts of Song of Songs.

We reviewed the last album from Ana Minster, which you can read here.

By MARowe