In this world and in this age of abundant music, there is plenty to seek out and enjoy. But once in while, you hear something that is mesmerizing, something that makes you stop and look more closely. Recently, I came across an extraordinary talent in Anastasia Minster.

Anastasia Minster‘s music is jazz and classical-influenced but carries dark tinges of it across the notes and the delivery. Her voice is cathedral-worthy with an ability to soar into the rafters. Her lyrical explorations delve into areas of self-introspection that could be your own existential angst. The music is raw and club-like with mournful instruments.

On April 2, Anastasia Minster will release her second album, Father. It deserves every inch of your attention if you’re a fan of dark singers like Marissa Nadler. Anastasia is echoey, dark, ascendent, choir-like, and altogether beautiful and demanding.

Father will release on CD, and DD. Two singles will be released prior to album. “Solaris” will be released on March 12, and “Father” on March 19th.

FatherAnastasia Minster
01 The Ocean Song (with Steve Jansen)
02 Falling
03 We Are The Prison
04 Halos (Featuring Steve Jansen)
05 Supernova
06 Solaris
07 Fireworks
08 Father (with Steve Jansen)

By MARowe