Surely you know who Scorpions are. The hard rock band hails from Germany, made their start back 1965(!), and continue to this day as a powerhouse of a band. Over time, this band (with several personnel incarnations including a wealth of drummers and guitarists (Michael Schenker once played for Scorpions)) have released eighteen studio albums, six live albums, and over ten compilation sets. The band can boast original member Rudolf Schenker, and long-time singer, Klaus Meine (since 1969), and long-time guitarist, Matthias Jab (since 1978). That’s impressive in any book, actually. Their last album was Return To Forever (2015), and their next to last, Sting In the Tail (2010) sold a million or more copies in an age where that is pretty impossible.

On November 24, SMG Records and Legacy Recordings will release a collection of ballads from Scorpions, 17 tracks in all. Selected from their extensive catalog, this set also includes various newer versions, some quite new (2017). Plus, there are two new songs(“Melrose Avenue”, “Always Be With You”). The new collection will offer a few edits, and a new acoustic version of “Send Me An Angel” (original track from 1990 Crazy World album). It will be called Born to Touch Your Feelings – Best Of Rock Ballads.

Born To Touch Your Feelings – Best of Rock Ballads – Scorpions

01. Born to Touch Your Feelings (Studio Edit)
02. Still Loving You (2011 Version)
03. Wind of Change (2011 Version)
04. Always Somewhere
05. Send Me an Angel (Acoustic Version 2017)
06. Holiday
07. Eye of the Storm (Radio Edit)
08. When the Smoke Is Going Down
09. Lonely Nights
10. Gypsy Life
11. House of Cards (Single Edit)
12. The Best Is Yet to Come
13. When You Came into My Life (Studio Edit)
14. Lady Starlight
15. Follow Your Heart (Version 2017)
16. Melrose Avenue (NEW)
17. Always Be with You (NEW)


By MARowe