Tom Waits, although a notable name among fans, is little known to the masses. And even if they’re aware of his name, most know little to nothing about his recorded legacy. But then again, the unique voice of Tom Waits is certainly not for every music taste. That’s why the news of a Tom Waits reissue is largely ignored by most sites. But not this one.

Tom Waits has a nice collection of studio classics. Beginning with Closing Time from 1973 to his last album, Bad As Me, released in 2011, Tom Waits has sixteen studio albums in his catalog.

On December 1, Anti Records, a subsidiary of Epitaph Records, will revisit their original issue of Real Gone. Real Gone was originally released in 2004. One of the more amazing thing about Real Gone is that it found a greater US audience than Waits had previously.  The album was a high seller.

For the new reissue of Real Gone, Anti will present a remastered and remixed edition which Tom Waits has had a hand in (along with  Kathleen Brennan, his long-time wife). This should be a real treat for fans!

Real Gone will be reissued on CD, DD, and vinyl 2LP

As a bonus notation, Rhino will be reissuing 180g-weight vinyl LP editions of Tom Waits’ first four Asylum albums (Closing Time – 1973, The Heart of Saturday Night – 1974, Nighthawks At The Diner (Live) – 1975, Small Change – 1976). These are scheduled by Rhino for reissue on December 21.


By MARowe