For Savoy Brown, 2017 is a bit on the memorable side. In September of 1967, the band released their first album, Shake Down. That album was released in the UK only, and under the name of Savoy Brown Blues Band. And here we are almost fifty years later, and more than thirty studio albums in to it. That’s pretty momentous. Savoy Brown produced, more or less, the famous Foghat band with one time members, Lonesome Dave Peverett, Tone Stevens, and Roger Earl, most who stayed with Kim Simmonds from the band’s second album (Getting to The Point – 1968) through the stunning Looking In (1970). That represents five full collections of songs in a short three year period.

After the core members of Foghat departed for that venture, Kim Simmonds persevered with a series of excellent albums including a personal favorite of mine, Jack The Toad (1973). And for all of these fifty years, Kim Simmonds kept the flames lit for fans.

On August 25, Ruf Records will release the next Savoy Brown album, Witchy Feelin’. It will contain eleven tracks. Myself, being a strong Savoy Brown fan throughout their 50 year ride (I’ve been to concerts, too!), I’m quite excited for the arrival of Witchy Feelin’. Witchy Feelin’ will be made available as CD and DD. Witchy Feelin’ will be made available to US fans as an import title.

I’m sad that Kim Simmonds has been largely ignored over the generous length of his fruitful career. If ever a band deserved remastered Deluxe sets or even a defining Box set, it’s Savoy Brown. Maybe one day, one of the excellent companies like Cherry Red, Real Gone, or another will provide just that. Here’s to hoping!


By MARowe