Every once in a while, a bit of reissue news can get you a little more than the usual amount of excited. Growing up, I remember the excitement that I enjoyed listening to a new band by the name of Montrose. By the time of their second, Paper Money, I was more than a fan. Paper Money enhanced that appreciation.

On October 13, Rhino Records, and Warner will reissue both Montrose albums (Montrose – 1973; Paper Money – 1974) as 2LP vinyl Deluxe Editions. The albums will be pressed on 180g-weight black vinyl and feature new remastering. Both albums represent the only involvement of Sammy Hagar, who left after Paper Money.

There is little to the details of this new reissue. With the album being 2LPs, I would assume we’re talking about being cut a 45RPM. But I’ll refresh this page when I find out further.

So, if you’re one of those fans that are taking advantage of this vinyl resurgence to reacquire favorites on vinyl, then this may be great news for you.

By MARowe