Dio - A Decade Of Dio 1983-1993Ronnie Dio has a wealth of background to deservedly validate his legendary status. Beginning with Elf (from the pro level), Ronnie James Dio laid the strong and firm foundation for inclusion to Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow, or, Rainbow, as it was later known, where he became renown for his heavy metal vocals and his stage presence. After Rainbow, Dio went on to front Black Sabbath after the removal of Ozzy Osbourne. He remained with that band for several albums.  From there, the transition to Dio, the popular Metal band of the ’80s, was as simple and as essential as anything could possibly be. With Dio, Ronnie James Dio released ten studio sets from Holy Diver in 1983 to Master Of The Moon in 2004. Throw in a few official live sets, and a collection of ‘best of’ sets, Dio finished up the time of a legend. It is believed hat Ronnie James Dio created the popularized and now essential form of Rock appreciation with the “metal horns” salute. Ronnie James Dio died in 2010 of stomach cancer at the age of 67.

On July 22, Rhino Records will issue a 6CD Box set that will present the first six Dio classics. For A Decade Of Dio: 1983-1993, those albums have been newly remastered. The albums included in this box are: Holy Diver (1983), The Last In Line (1984), Sacred Heart (1985), Dream Evil (1987), Lock Up The Wolves (1990), and Strange Highways (1993). The booklet should be full of great photos and notes.

There will be a vinyl LP set of A Decade Of Dio: 1983-1993 to follow in October (October 4) that will add in a 7″ vinyl single of “Evil Eyes” b/w “Time To Burn” as a bonus to the 180g vinyl LP Box.


By MARowe