Tales From Topographic Oceans - YES CoverRecently, Steven Wilson mentioned that his expansive remix work on the divisive Tales Of Topographic Oceans would be forthcoming later in 2016. While we all anxiously await that no doubt brilliant reintroduction of the 1973 YES gem, there is a new vinyl set coming from the historic halls of Atlantic Records.

On July 29, Rhino and Atlantic will reissue Tales From Topographic Oceans in a new desirable 180g-weight pressing featuring two vinyl discs. This vinyl set replicates the original production in every way.

Tales From Topographic Oceans has had its share of fans and detractors. I believe the album has weathered criticisms well. In fact, I think the album has aged quite well musically. But if you’re a fan and want what should easily be a beautiful reproduction of the original classic, then this Atlantic repress of the title should be a no-brainer to acquire. It follows on the heels of Fragile (re-released in May of 2016), and Drama (re-released in April of 2016) as Rhino and Atlantic cover the gradual reintroduction of YES vinyl for aficionados.

Wonder which title is next? I’m guessing…Going For The One!


By MARowe