Brian Eno - The ShipBrian Eno has certainly set the standards for much of our Rock and Roll enjoyment. Not only was he an important member of Roxy Music, and a very successful solo artist, he also produced some of our most enduring albums by bands of extreme import like Talking Heads, and U2.

His last solo effort was Lux, released in 2012. As with his previous efforts, Eno experimented and released an album that stood alone as a prize in the ambient world. Once again, Brian Eno is going to the next level with the upcoming issue of his next album.

On April 29, Warp Records will release The Ship. The Ship is an ambient album with experimentation in three dimensional recording techniques. The Ship will offer two suites that are connected to each other. This is expected to enhance and further the Ambient craft that is proliferating these days.

The Ship is being presented in a standard CD wallet Edition, a Deluxe Edition with extraordinary packaging that has the wallet case with a cloth bound spine and a UV gloss cover, and a vinyl 2LP gatefold Edition. The two CD sets will come with an 8-page booklet. The Deluxe Editon and the 2LP set will be added to with four art prints.


By MARowe