The Move, while a popular UK band, is best known as the precursor to the arrival of Electric Light Orchestra. Within its ranks, The Move incubated Roy Wood, Bev Bevan, and even – for a short period – Jeff Lynne. It wasn’t long after the arrival of Jeff Lynne that the idea of bringing together a Pop/Rock style with classical overtones (unlike Yes, or The Moody Blues) formulated by Roy Wood, would be put into motion in the form of a crafty indicator moniker of Electric Light Orchestra and a fleshed out band that included The Move’s drummer, Bev Bevan. Where ELO went from there is easily known history. What is not as well known outside the sphere of serious ELO fans is the Move.

The Move enjoyed a short but engaging history with its UK fans. Assembled in the mid-’60s, The Move, under the guidance of the immensely talented Roy Wood, enjoyed success with the issue of its self-titled debut (1968). Not long after, the band released their sophomore album, Shazam (1970). Both albums are classic documents of a band that was as impressive as anything being released at the time.

In celebration of both those gems, UK reissue label, Esoteric Records, will release two multi-disc Remastered and Expanded of both titles.

The Move will be reissued in a 3CD Deluxe set (track list outside the original songs not available as of yet). The followup album, Shazam, will be reissued on a 2CD Deluxe set. Both sets will be housed in a digipak package. Both sets are planned for reissue on April 29 in the UK.

The Move The Move   The Move Shazam


By MARowe