Santana MarathonSantana embodies the very essence of Rock and Roll since their arrival on the music frontier some fifty years ago. Since their debut, they have delivered a string of great guitar-based Rock throughout the flows of that time-frame (from then to now), sometimes as experimental solo efforts from Carlos Santana himself. Nevertheless, the classic Columbia albums recorded during Santana’s most influential periods are classic treasures.

Marathon is the band’s tenth studio release. It was released back in 1979. The single, “You Know That I Love You” reached Top40 status, even though it’s not as well remembered by most (unless you were a die-hard Santana fan). It subscribes to the changing elements of radio stability with the release of the single mentioned. Still, despite the few radio-destined songs that were specifically crafted for the media, Marathon also gave us great tracks like “Aqua Marine”, the short title song, and the underrated “Stand Up”.

On March 25, Friday Music will reissue a 30th Anniversary CD edition of Marathon that will be newly remastered for this milestone. There is no expansion of the album with bonus tracks, etc. A vinyl LP edition of  has already been released by Friday Music back in 2014.


By MARowe