The Replacements Sire YearsIf you remember The Replacements, then you remember some fine Rock and Roll moments in the transitional period of the latter ’70s as it became the ’80s. After their formation, The Replacements released some great music on the historic Sire Records label. The band originated from Minneapolis, MN, and eventually began to release their music on the Twin/Tone label, also based in Minneapolis. The albums on that label include Hey Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash (1981), the classic Hootenanny (1983), and Let It Be (1984). By then, the band was well-known for many reasons (stage show, music).

By 1985, The Replacements released Tim. It was the band’s first album for a major label, Sire Records (attached to Warner Brothers, and home to many top-rated talent of the time). The band released three more titles (Pleased To Meet Me – 1987, Don’t Tell A Soul – 1989, All Shook Down – 1990) before they disbanded in 1991. Eventually, they returned to the stage but not for more than two decades later. Much has changed musically. Nevertheless, the early titles were their classics.

On March 29, Sire Records will assemble new LP versions of the titles that were originally released on that label. The new pressings will be issued in a 4LP box called, simply, The Sire Years. This will complete what was started last year when Rhino released a 4LP Box, The Twin/Tone Years. In April of 2015, Rhino had issued the 8CD Box of the entire studio output of The Replacements.

If you’re inclined to appreciate vinyl, and you’re an avid Replacements fan, then this upcoming Box will nicely augment the Twin/Tone set.


By MARowe