Rich_Robinson_Black_CrowesAfter The Black Crowes dissolved, Rich Robinson began a fruitful solo career with three full-length albums, an EP, and several live sets. With a style reminiscent of his times with his original band, a listen to Rich Robinson will yield a satisfying experience. Currently, Rich Robinson is finishing up on a brand new solo album planned for May 2016. But as an interim surprise, Rich Robinson is scheduled to released several of his past sets in a different way.  He owned the 2″ masters for the albums, and they were terribly affected by Hurricane Sandy. What Robinson did for Paper (2004) was to restore the tapes with newly recorded vocals, changed the sequencing of the original album, and remixed the album. To further boost the new set, Rich Robinson included three previously unreleased tracks from those original sessions.

Also included in the upcoming schedule will be Llama Blues, the 4-track EP released in 2011. That set was a bluesy set that allowed Rich to explore the history of Blues in his way.

His second full-length set, Through A Crooked Sun, was released in 2011 as well. It helped to further boost the career trajectory of Rich Robinson, showcasing his talents in new ways.

The live set, The Woodstock Sessions was a unique experience in an intimate setting. It was special for all the participants.

On February 26, Paper, and Llama Blues will be released on several formats that include CD, DD, and colored vinyl LP. Paper is planned for red vinyl, and Llama Blues for blue vinyl.

On April 15, Through A Crooked Sun, and Woodstock Sessions will be reissued. As with the first two offerings, these two titles are also to be presented in CD, DD, and colored vinyl formats. For vinyl, Through A Crooked Sun will be reissued on white vinyl, and Woodstock Sessions will be reissued on brown vinyl.

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By MARowe