January of 2016.

Apparently was not finished.

Just when you thought the dust had settled from the list of recent high profile deaths, we hear of another legend moving on.

On Thursday, Paul Kantner died from an apparent shutting down of his system. He was 74. While that seems like a good lease on life, at this day and age, it appears that it’s much too soon. Kantner’s contribution to this grand old show called Rock and Roll was his time with Jefferson Airplane, and later, Jefferson Starship. It was his formation of the band, which led to more than a few offshoots (Hot Tuna, Papa John Creach, Starship, and a myriad of solo outings), that help start the whole psychedelic Rock genre. Especially for that, Kantner is as important to Rock and Roll as he was to the band’s directions. To this day, Psychedelic Rock is still a strong genre (check out The Black Angels to begin).

Paul Kantner was once married to Grace Slick.

Like the personalities that preceded him in death, his passing is mourned.

Paul KantnerRIP

Paul Kantner


By MARowe