Several reports are stating that Jeff LaBar, guitarist for famed ’80s metal band Cinderella, has passed away. He was 58.

Cinderella entered the glam metal fray in the 1980s alongside acts like Motley Crue, Poison, Ratt, and others. Known for a bluesier tone than their peers, thanks in part to singer Tom Keifer’s vocal delivery, Cinderella offered a heavier take on the sound than the party-heavy vibe of the day. While no cause of death has been announced, LaBar gained a reputation for self-destructive drinking.

According to an interview with Another FN Podcast With Izzy Presley in 2016 (as reported on, LaBar cited his alcohol problems as a major contributor to Cinderella’s hiatus.

“We all made a pact a long time ago to not continue Cinderella if one of us drops out,” LaBar said. “And I think [Tom is] gonna stick to that. I don’t talk to him anymore, so I don’t really know for a fact. But we all did make a pact not to do it if it wasn’t the four of us. And it’s not the four of us anymore.

“I can only speculate, but I believe it’s all my fault. It’s no secret that I’ve had a drinking problem. And it showed its ugly face on one of those (cruises that Cinderella played). I guess that’s what caused a rift.”

MusicTAP offers its condolences to his family including his son Sebastian, as well as his friends and fans.

By Dw Dunphy

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