Glenn Frey One Of These NightOn a month that seems to be bent on taking rather than giving, we are now given the departure of Glenn Frey, known for his work with the popular Eagles.

Glenn Frey had been battling a combination of pneumonia, colitis, and arthritic complications. His death is said to be a result of that combination.

Glenn Frey’s contribution to Rock and Roll cannot be understated. The Eagles became a part of the California scene in 1971, releasing their first album on Asylum Records, a label that catered to an amazing collection of artists that included not only Eagles, but also Jackson Browne, Andrew Gold, Steve Goodman, Emmylou Harris, Joni Mitchell, Linda Ronstadt, Warren Zevon, and others. It was a Geffen-founded label that helped to solidify the careers of many excellent bands and artists.

Glenn Frey entered the solo arena producing several classic songs with “You Belong To The City” (a personal favorite of mine with its silky saxophone), and “The Heat Is On” (also with a great jazz sax inclusion by David Woodford). Both songs were destined for film with “You Belong To The City” going to Miami Vice, and “The Heat Is On” going to Beverly Hills Cop. They were not his only solo hits successes, just his most notable.

Eagles One Of These Nights

I have an extreme fondness for One Of These Nights, the entire Eagles album. There’s a sense of maturation in this album, and the songs that came from it were intensely perfect. Glenn Frey had a strong hand in all of that.


Glenn Frey will be greatly missed. He now belongs to the “city”.

Glenn Frey RIP

Glenn Frey


By MARowe