One of the great forerunners of Heavy Metal music, much in the way that we continue to hear it is easily Black Sabbath. The UK band that featured Tommy Iommi (guitar), Geezer Butler (bass), Bill Ward (drums), and frontman extraordinaire, Ozzy Osbourne, released their debut in 1970, and started a career trajectory that exploded into a universe of stars.

The released albums (all 19 of them) are no secret or surprise to anyone who found the band to their liking. Some may have found all the albums great; some only just a few. But one thing is certain, the band was creative. Their creativity was heard not only in their recorded albums, but also in their many celebrated tours.

On January 22, Rhino Records will reissue four classic Black Sabbath titles that will include the previously mentioned self-titled debut, Black Sabbath (1970), the incredible follow-up of Paranoid (1970), Master Of Reality (1971), and their 2002 Live set, Past Lives. All titles mentioned will be released as Deluxe Editions. The sets include 2CD Deluxe Edition, as well 180g-weight 2LP Deluxe Editions.

The bonus inclusions will add in an interesting array of tracks.

Black Sabbath:
01 Black Sabbath
02 The Wizard
03 Wasp/Behind The Wall Of Sleep/Bassically/N.I.B.
04 Wicked World
05 A Bit Of Finger/Sleeping Village/Warning

01 Evil Woman (Don’t Play Your Games With Me)
02 Black Sabbath (Studio Outtake: Regent Sound Studio, 11/17/69)
03 Black Sabbath (Instrumental: Regent Sound Studios, 11/17/69)
04 The Wizard (Studio Outtake: Regent Sound Studios, 11/17/69)
05 Behind The Wall Of Sleep (Studio Outtake: Regent Sound Studios, 11/17/69
06 N.I.B. (Alternative Version: Regent Sound Studios, 11/17/69
07 Evil Woman (Alternative Version: Regent Sound Studios, 11/17/69
08 Sleeping Village (Intro) (Alternative Version: Regent Sound Studios, 11/18/69
09 Warning – (Part 1) (Studio Outtake: Regent Sound Studios, 11/18/69

Black Sabbath Black Sabbath


01 War Pigs/Luke’s Wall
02 Paranoid
03 Planet Caravan
04 Iron Man
05 Electric Funeral
06 Hand Of Doom
07 Rat Salad
08 Jack The Stripper/Fairies Wear Boots

01 War Pigs (Instrumental)
02 Paranoid (Alternative Lyrics)
03 Planet Caravan (Alternative Lyrics)
04 Iron Man (Instrumental)
05 Electric Funeral (Instrumental)
06 Hand Of Doom (Instrumental)
07 Rat Salad (Alternative Mix)
08 Fairies Wear Boots (Instrumental)

Black Sabbath Paranoid

Master Of Reality:
01 Sweet Leaf
02 After Forever (including the Elegy)
03 Embryo
04 Children Of The Grave
05 Orchid
06 Lord Of This World
07 Solitude
08 Into The Void

01 Weevil Woman ’71
02 Sweet Leaf (Studio Outtake Featureing Alternative Lyrics)
03 After Forever (Studio Outtake – Instrumental)
04 Children Of The Grave (Studio Outtake feat. Alternative Lyrics)
05 Children Of The Grave (Studio Outtake – Instrumental)
06 Orchid (Studio Outtake – With Tony Count-In)
07 Lord Of This World (Studio Outtake feat. Piano & Slide Guitar)
08 Solitude (Studio Outtake – Intro With Alternative Guitar Tuning)
09 Into The Void “Spanish Sid” (Studio Outtake – Alternative Version)

Black Sabbath Master Of Reality

Past Lives:
01 Tomorrow’s Dream (Live 1973) 06 Children Of The Grave (Live 1973)
02 Sweet Leaf (Live 1973) 07 War Pigs (Live 1973)
03 Killing Yourself To Live (Live in 1973) 08 Wicked World (Live 1973)
04 Cornucopia (Live 1973) 09 Paranoid (Live 1973)
05 Snowblind (Live 1973)

01 Hand Of Doom (Live)
02 Hole In The Sky (Live)
03 Symptom Of The Universe (Live)
04 Megalomania (Live)
05 Iron Man (Live)
06 Black Sabbath (Live)
07 N.I.B. (Live)
08 Behind The Wall Of Sleep (Live)
09 Fairies Wear Boots (Live)

Black Sabbath Past Lives


By MARowe