Lily And Madeleine Keep It TogetherIn what I would consider great news for a Friday in the month of December where announcements are so rare (good ones. that is!). here’s something to maybe brighten up some of your days.

On February 26, Lily & Madeleine will release their next full-length album, Keep It Together. The new album is expected from New West Records (as a new signing). This should help up their reach to a more wider audience.

The sisters have three stunning releases that include the brilliant five-track EP, The Weight of the Globe (2013), their debut full-length, Lily & Madeleine (2013), and their sophomore set, Fumes (2014). Now, with the upcoming 2016 issue of Keep It Together, I believe that we’re in for quite a treat. They have posted the lead-off single from the album, “Hourglass”, which you can enjoy in the YouTube video below.

I’ll provide better details after they become available.

You’re welcome!

By MARowe