Bobby Hart Solo AlbumEveryone has heard of The Monkees. During their run, the popular band produced a massive collection of Top 40 single hits, and, in the process, sold a wild number of LPs. Even if you remember little about The Monkees, you’ve certainly heard, at one place or another, one or more of their songs. There were tracks like, “Pleasant Valley Sunday”, written by a well-known singer-songwriter by the name of Carole King. There is a song that I believe everyone remembers, “I’m A Believer”, written by the Brill Building legend, Neil Diamond. That song was popularized by The Monkees back in 1966. One of the first hits for the band was a tune called “Last Train To Clarksville”. It was written by the dual team of Tommy Boyce And Bobby Hart. This team not only wrote that famous tune, but they wrote the opening theme to The Monkees TV series.

In 1980, Bobby Hart released his solo effort, The First Bobby Hart Solo Album. It was only released in a handful of countries back then, and unfortunately slid from attention pretty early. Recently, the label behind The MGM Singles Collection featuring the music of Mickey Dolenz unearthed the album, provided new remastering luster to the tracks, and expanded The First Bobby Hart Solo Album with three previously unreleased bonus tracks (see track list below).

This new 7a Records reissue is on the calendarĀ for a fairly quick release date of December 7. In addition to the remaster and the bonus tracks, the reissue will provide a 24-page booklet with new liner notes, an in-depth interview with Bobby Hart, song lyrics, and plenty of photos from the period.

The First Bobby Hart Solo Album – Bobby Hart

Track Listing:

01. Funky Karma
02. I’m On Fire
03. I Can’t Fight It
04. Hurt So Bad
05. (You’re Breaking My Heart) Street Angel /
0I Get Crazy
06. Still Hung Up On You
07. First Impressions
08. You Can’t See Thunder (previously unissued)
09. Runnin’ (previously unissued)
10. I’m Just Taking The Long Way Home (previously unissued)


By MARowe