Charlie Hlton PalanaThe music of Blouse, a Portland origin band, has always intrigued me with its blend of ’80s-styled music with a slight Goth bent (but don’t let that stop ya!). They have two albums in release that include their 2011 self-titled debut (with the lush and dreamy “Into Black”), and Imperium (2013). One of the reasons for their success easily lies in the voice of Charlie Hilton. With a voice that’s airy, dreamy, smooth, and sexy, she has lent a sense of perfection to the music of Blouse.

But enough about Blouse (but don’t forget about ’em!). Charlie Hilton is planning to release a solo effort with as much a sense of anticipation as we might have if Harriet Wheeler (The Sundays) were to release solo album. Her voice is incredibly able to deliver a strong album of tunes that we might find just as attractive as her Nico-like appearance.

On January 22, Captured Tracks will release Charlie Hilton‘s album, Palana. Currently, this new album is being heralded by the release of a 7″ vinyl single with “Pony” as the A-Side, and an exclusive non-album tune, “When I’m Gone” as the B-side (buy here for $6). Of course, “Pony” is available digitally, including Spotify as a stream (hear “Pony” below).



By MARowe