Pains Of Being Pure At Heart HellI first warmly discovered The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart some years back during their pre-album release of their debut. There were several songs floating around. Every one of them captured my attention. The band hails from NYC (one of my favorite band origin destinations). Their first album was released in 2009. They have since followed it up with several transitioning sets (Belong – 2011, Days Of Abandon, 2014).

Recently, I received the notice that the five-piece band had released a three-track single fronted with “Hell”. All three tracks can be heard via several platforms that include iTunes (which sells each track), Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. The new EP features the original track “Hell”, and provides two cover songs, “Ballad Of The Band” (Felt), and “Laid” (James).

The great news is that a new The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart album is likely to be expected soon. If you haven’t heard anything by this band, you should at least give them a chance, especially with anything off their first album.

By MARowe