TheSingles 1967-1970 CreamWith vinyl fast becoming the ascendant physical media for music, it is no surprise to see these many collectible vinyl sets that include not only complete LP collections, but also sets of vinyl singles. The Who are steadily releasing boxed sets to encompass all of their released singles over the course of their career. This time, it’s Cream!

On December 4, Polydor Records will reissue ten collectible vinyl singles of Cream tracks within a library-worthy lid and tray Box storage container. The ten singles (list below) are mono, and represent original replicas from Atco, Polydor, and Reaction record labels. Each single is sleeved inside new sleeve designs.

The set is being referred to as The Singles 1967-1970.

Cream Singles Box Vinyl 7


The Singles 1967-1970   Cream

Single 1: Reaction 591007
Wrapping Paper 2.24
Cat’s Squirrel 2.59

Single 2: Reaction 591011
I Feel Free 2.48
NSU 2.43

Single 3: Atco 6522
Spoonful – Part I 2.25
Spoonful – Part II 2.28

Single 4: Reaction 591015
Strange Brew 2.45
Tales Of Brave Ulysses 2.50

Single 5: Polydor 56258
Anyone For Tennis 2.37
Pressed Rat And Warthog 3.12

Single 6: Polydor 56286
Sunshine Of Your Love 4.11

Single 7: Polydor 56300
White Room 4.58
Those Were The Days 2.52

Single 8: Atco 6646
Crossroads 4.16
Passing The Time 4.31

Single 9: Polydor 56315
Badge 2.43
What A Bringdown 3.56

Single 10: Atco 6708
Lawdy Mama 2.47
Sweet Wine 3.16


By MARowe