Always ErasureMute Records will release a new singles collection for Erasure, the band from the UK , which featured Andy Bell and Vince Clarke. This new box will offer 3CDs with 43 tracks.

The tracks will feature “Oh L’amour”, “A Little Respect”, “Victim Of Love”, as well as a brand new 2015 version of “Sometimes.”  The primary intrigue will be the various sets of remixes included within.

The 3CD set is housed in a book format.

The Box, Always – The Very Best Of Erasure, is set for release on October 30.

Erasure Book

Always – The Very Best Of Erasure
Track Listings

01. Who Needs Love Like That
02. Oh L’amour
03. Sometimes
04. Victim Of Love
05. The Circus
06. Ship Of Fools
07. Chains Of Love
08. A Little Respect
09. Stop!
10. Drama!
11. Blue Savannah
12. Chorus
13. Love To Hate You
14. Take A Chance On Me
15. Always
16. Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer’s Day)
17. Breathe
18. Be With You
19. Elevation
20. Sometimes (2015 Mix)

01. Who Needs Love Like That (Mexican Mix
02. Oh L’amour (PWL Funky Sisters Say ‘Ooh La La’)
03. The Circus (Eternal Eraser Mix )
04. A Little Respect (Big Train Remix)
05. Stop! (Vince Clarke Sync 82 Remix)
06. Blue Savannah (Der Deutsche Mix II)
07. Chorus (Vegan Mix)
08. Love To Hate You (LFO Modulated Filter Mix)
09. Always – Microbots Inside Your Brain Mix)
10. Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer’s Day) (Tin Tin Out Remix)
11. Breathe (GRN Remix)
12. Elevation (BT Remix)

01. Victim Of Love (Vixen Vitesse Remix)
02. Chains Of Love (Vince Clarke Remix)
03. Drama! (Krucial Remix)
04. You Surround Me (Mark Saunders Remix)
05. Star (Interstella Mix)
06. Am I Right (The Grid Remix)
07. Run To The Sun (Beatmasters’ Galactic Remix)
08. In My Arms (BBE Remix)
09. Freedom (Mark Picchiotti Strumapella Remix)
10. Be With You (Starshapes Remix)
11. Sometimes (Erasure & Flood Mix)

By MARowe