Procol Harum Procol HarumSometimes, in all of our running around, we simply overlook the obvious things that literally stare us in our faces. For me, it was my recent post of the Esoteric reissue of Shine On Brightly. In that post, I forget (even though I knew) that the first Procol Harum album was also planned for reissue as a remastered and expanded set. So here I am to rectify that mistake.

On June 29, the UK market (Esoteric Records) will reissue the 1968 classic debut of Procol Harem with a remastered edition that will include four bonus tracks (“A Whiter Shade Of Pale”, “Lime Street Blues”, “Homburg”, “Good Captain Clack (Single Edit)”). In addition, this new Edition will offer restored artwork, and a new set of line notes and an essay.

I have made amends!

By MARowe

2 thoughts on “Esoteric Records To Reissue Procol Harum Debut In June”
  1. Expanded 2-CD editions of the group’s 3rd & 4th albums(“A Salty Dog” & “Home”) arrive from the “Esoteric” label on the last week of July. They are offered for preorder at Spin CD’s.

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