Richard Thompson StillAs a solo performer, Richard Thompson has over 20 studio albums, a few live sets, and a collection of collaborative albums with his one-time wife, Linda Thompson, including the extraordinary Shoot Out The Lights from 1982, in release. But this prolific career happened after his stint with Fairport Convention, which generated a lot of attention to his guitar playing as well.

On June 23, Richard Thompson will add to his collection with a new album, Still. Still will be issued via Fantasy Records, and will be offered as a standard CD, 2CD Deluxe Edition CD, DD, Deluxe Edition DD, and LP. The new album will deliver all new Richard Thompson songs, seventeen for the Deluxe Edition. See track-list below:

Richard Thompson – Still

01 She Never Could Resist A Winding Road
02 Beatnik Walking Richard Thompson 03:54
03 Patty Don’t You Put Me Down
04 Broken Doll
05 All Buttoned Up
06 Josephine
07 Long John Silver
08 Pony In The Stable
09 Where’s Your Heart
10 No Peace, No End
11 Dungeons For Eyes
12 Guitar Heroes
13 Fork In The Road
14 Wounding Myself
15 The May Queen
16 Don’t Take It Laying Down
17 Fergus Laing

By MARowe