When Rickie Lee Jones The Other Side Of Desire Rickie Lee Jones released her first album, the self-titled Warner release with the cool cover, she immediately gained a following. With her first single, “Chuck E’s In Love”, faring well on Top 40 charts everywhere (at a time when such daring crossovers were common), Rickie Lee Jones was a bohemian gem that we all waited for with every album release. And rarely did she disappoint. Her short affair with Tom Waits bolstered the hipster factor incredibly (as if she needed it).

Following that debut, she released over ten great albums including the debut follow-up, Pirates (1981), and her later years epic, The Sermon On Exposition Boulevard (also released on an SACD Deluxe Edition) from 2007. In addition to those, there were a few Live sets, an EP, and other collectibles for the fan.

On June 23, this cool lady will release The Other Side Of Desire. It’s planned for CD (for now).

Just thought you’d like to know!

By MARowe