BeatlesPono Music, the high-resolution digital and machine company started by Neil Young is rumored to be scoring a massive PR advantage over just about anyone with an announcement of acquiring higher than the previously released 44.1k/24-bit, and 320k MP3 resolutions of The Beatles catalog. The new resolution will be reissued at the very least, 96k/24-bit, and possibly 192k/24-bit audio enhancements.

And while nothing has been officially announced, it has been said that Will.I.Am. has heard Sgt Pepper at the higher resolution, and that “it’s going to blow your mind” “on Pono” (read here).

If you’re a Beatles fan, then this will cause you to start thinking (again) about hearing the songs that you have listened to forever.

Get ready for a new way of listening to the Fab Four.


By MARowe

4 thoughts on “Beatles Catalog Getting Upgraded Audio For Pono?”
  1. I’m confused… If the rumour is true, the HR files will be only for playing on Pono machine?

  2. EMI/Apple never miss a chance to re-market The Beatles if there is a profit to be made. Back in December they made them all available on the SHM-cd format in Japan. I may be self-delusional but is it possible that sacds or blu-ray releases of the hi-rez versions be in the cards in the near future? Their mass-marketing opportunities may be coming to the end of the line as Beatles fans age. It’s time to shit or get off the pot.
    Either way that’s quite a feather in Pono’s hat.

  3. All their albums will probably be $25 and probably near $50 for the White Album and Past Masters sets. But you could download them, burn to DVD-A discs and not need a Pono device? I would be in for sure if these are really high res Beatles on the way.

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