Emily WestI’ve not been a fan of ANY TV talent shows beginning way back in the early ’80s with the Ed McMahon-hosted Star Search. This is ESPECIALLY true of the American Idol display. However, I have been amazed at some of the talent that came from America’s Got Talent. My first amazement came from Jackie Evancho. The second one (and I’m coming in AFTER the fact here) is Emily West.

Interestingly, Emily West is billed as a Country singer. I can’t think of a genre that she seems furthest from other than as a belting Rock n Roll singer. Nevertheless, that is what most of the info I’m digging up on her states. But never mind all of that. The fact remains, Emily West is in possession of a voice and the talent to use it in the best way that you can imagine.

In this day and age, where talent flashes past you so fast, you barely have time to register any of it. We work, we engage with families, and when we do get a chance to listen to music, it is often on the fly with a radio station, or just chilling with our favorites. That’s why I continually try to give you things that catch my attention out of all the notes that are crafted these days. That’s why I’m bringing your attention to Emily West.

Emily West All For You

I have listened to her last album, True North, released in 2013. To call it a Country offering is what I would call a mistake. In fact, I would even attach a bit of the Kate Bush mystique to her songs, which sound more folk than anything. “Boom Boom Boom”is no joke. It’s pure Kate Bush. “Kite” is a beautiful guitar composition that also carries a bit of the Kate Bush style to it. Her “Moonbeam” song has a Roberta Flack flavor to it (not unusual given her competition version of “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”). If I had a complaint, it would be that the songs are not variant enough to make up a completely captivating listen throughout. But each song has its own magic that deserves to be heard.

On March 31, Portrait Records will release her new album, All For You. In the hopes that it doesn’t deviate too much from the stripped down beauty of the songs on True North, there is great promise with the unveiling of her cover of Sia’s “Chandelier”.

By MARowe