Steve Earle TerraplaneSteve Earle has been an artist of note for three decades. In his time, he has acquired three Grammy Awards, and a number of other awards that pay homage to his musical choices that include Folk, Country, Rock, and a grand blend of the three. With his roots deeply embedded in San Antonio, Steve Earle has been inspired by a great many varieties of music. One of those is Blues. With many classic blues-men from TX (Steve Ray Vaughan, Johnny Winter, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Freddie King, and others), it’s no surprise to have Steve Earle plan a new album with an influence of Blues at its core.

On February 17, New West Records will release the 16th studio effort from Steve Earle, this one being attributed to Steve Earle & The Dukes (a band that he formed in the early years of his musical career). The album is being called Terraplane, a nod to “Terraplane Blues”, the Robert Johnson classic inspired by the model produced by the Hudson Motor Car Company of Detroit.

Terraplane will contain eleven songs, and will issue on standard CD, a vinyl LP, DD, and a CD/DVD Deluxe Edition. The CD/DVD Deluxe Edition of Terraplane will contain the standard CD offering, while the DVD will provide a ‘behind-the-scenes mini-documentary of the album’s journey, as well as an interview segment, three live acoustic performances from the porch of Studio D (House Of Blues), and the complete album in 96k/24-bit audio remix form for the high-resolution crowd.


By MARowe