Chicago Live In 1975Chicago formed back in 1967 and gained immediate success with their Jazz/Rock blends. The first album, Chicago Transit Authority, delivered three strong singles in “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?”, “Beginnings”, and “Questions 67 and 68”, joining nine other great songs over four sides. From there, they experimented with their political leanings, a musical exploration that eventually settled on soft Top 10 Pop tracks. By 1975, they have released eight magnificent sets that contributed well over nine singles including my personal favorite (and their most political), “Dialogue, Pts 1 and 2”.

The music of Chicago is still a marketing powerhouse. Over the years, Rhino Records has revisited their classics with new remastering and additional offerings. On February 17, Rhino will revisit the band in one of their successful places, the stage. The band has released four successful live sets beginning with the massive eight-sided album, Chicago At Carnegie Hall (Chicago IV) in 1971. Their last official offering was Chicago – Live In ’75 (Chicago XXXIV), released in 2011 via Rhino’s specialty division Rhino Handmade. Live In ’75 delivered 25 tracks over several discs and covered ground through their Chicago VIII album.

Live In ’75, was recorded in Largo, MD on June 24-26, 1975 at the Capital Centre. Live In ’75 will be resurrected for a larger release via Rhino on February 17. The set will be reissued on 2CDs.



By MARowe

6 thoughts on “Rhino To Reissue 2CD Chicago – Live In ’75, In February”
  1. Excellent concert. It doesn’t sound like they are adding extra songs or content forcing those of us who already purchased it to re-buy it. How refreshing.

  2. I just bought this a few weeks ago from their website. I guess they are about out of stock. I hope they put additional tracks on it, because I’ve heard them perform their “hits” more times than I want to remember. I would really love to hear more songs from Chicago VIII than they originally included. And remix it (if they can) so we can hear the horns and guitar better, as these are the two main reasons I listen to Chicago.

  3. A controversial release to be sure. Another in a continuing line of supposedly “limited” Rhino Handmade releases that sold for big bucks initially that have now been re-issued in a less expensive format. Sure, if you read the Handmade fine print they leave the door open (ever so slightly) for the possibility of a re-press but there are a lot of collectors upset that the collectibles they shelled out good money for are no longer so collectible. This happened to me with the deluxe Buddy Guy amp; Junior Wells “Play The Blues” set. I’m glad others can now get it for a reasonable price but for me, fool me once Rhino Handmade, shame on you, fool me twice… Never again.

    Also I’ve personally not heard this Chicago set but I’ve read a LOT of grumbling online about the overall sound quality (the mix) being rather “bootleg” like. Definitely do your research before you buy.

  4. Jeff i have always enjoyed Chicago’s music over the years, one thing i will check out if it’s “authorized” by the band and will check out the label, don’t know much about the release except on all social media, but most times just before
    an album is available you can listen to some samples online check before we listen if there is any doubt

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