Alio Montana Holographic CodexAlio Die, the recording moniker of Italian Ambient composer, Stefano Musso, and Lorenzo Montanà, an Italian soundtrack composer, have joined together to create a new sound painting of ambient textures, to be called Holographic Codex. Neither artist have been lax in their creative spheres. Montanà has recorded well over 40 albums since the ’90s, while Alio Die has recorded over 60 sets, some with important ambient artists like Vidna Obmana, Robert Rich, and many others.

Holographic Codex is a set that blends the two artists’ unique styles into compositions that challenge and refresh. With ambient music growing in popularity in certain circles, particularly dark ambient and drone styles, Holographic Codex fits in appropriately with its cosmic flow and mysterious sounds and atmospheric impressions.

The new album is being released by premier ambient label, Projekt Records, and will be an extremely limited edition as far as physical CDs are concerned. There will only be 500 issued.

Holographic Codex is expected on January 20.


By MARowe