I was a good kid this year. That is, if you like 53 year old kids. I kept my list from last year right at my computer and kept periodic tabs on it. Now that I am looking at my 2014 list for the last time this year, I have come to a realization. I did the baseball equivalent of batting below the Mendoza Line during 2014. I’m sure that there’s quite a few of you out there who have done the same in your hopes and wishes when it comes to record company releases.

I’m going to do this all over again and give it a shot to see if any of these things that I mention have a snowball’s chance in hell to get released. Before I dive in though, I do want to say that I am sure grateful that the Real Gone Music label has gotten a greater foothold in the market and that Iconoclassics is still continuing on. Plus, it appears that Sundazed is going to start making its presence known again soon. Between those that I mentioned and what’s left of the majors, I still hold out slivers of hope. I’m betting that some of you think I’m nuts for even bothering to bring a few of these titles up. Anyway, I hope all of you enjoy this list and that your 2015 will be filled with more beautiful music than you could shake a stick at.

1) Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds: the self-titled album with “Don’t Pull Your Love” needs to get reissued for here in the North American market by a U.S. label. It has only been available as a Japanese import for quite some time. This needs to end. I’d also be o.k. with a compilation of theirs too.


2) Five Man Electrical BandGoodbyes & Butterflies:  The hits compilation from Canada, Absolutely Right (on Polydor), covers ground. I want to actually hear “Signs” in context of the album from whence it came and in great sound.

5ManElectricalBand Goodbyes

3) StampedersAgainst The Grain (as it’s known in Canada) or Sweet City Woman (as it’s known in the U.S.): Here’s a second Canadian band from the early ’70s that could use a sweet sonic touch. As a consolation prize, I would accept a nicely done compilation of them.

Stampeders Against The Grain

4) King HarvestDancing In The Moonlight-I would really like to hear the full album from which the huge single came from. About 4 years ago, one of the members or an associate of King Harvest was in communication with me and some forum members of IMWAN and he was telling people about a digital release that he helped to assemble. I’d like to see it go one further and have us fans get a CD release.

KingHarvest Dancing In the Moonlight

5) Looking GlassLooking Glass/Subway Serenade two-fer: Everybody knows about “Brandy”. In my eyes, the second big single of theirs, “Jimmy Loves Mary-Ann” proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was a seriously good band who got overlooked amid a sea of immense talent on AM & FM radio in the early ’70s. I’d love to see a two-fer of these two albums so that people can see just how valid they were.

Looking Glass

6) B.W. StevensonMy Maria: I want a wonderful sounding remaster of this album. If Carl Radle and Jim Gordon played on more than just the title track, then this album cries out to be presented once again to the world. I’d also take a Stevenson compilation.

BW Stevenson

7) Focus-North American/U.S. catalog presentation: This Dutch band was huge in Europe back in the day and they had their one big hit here in the United States with “Hocus Pocus”. I realize that the Red Bullet remasters exist as imports. I have to be honest with you people. I distrust Red Bullet because I have their remaster of the Moontan album from Golden Earring and I find it not to be up to par (in my ears) when it comes to the sonics. I would really like for somebody here stateside to take a serious crack at their catalog and get it right and make it so that the high-end (especially the vocals) gets tamed.

Focus Moving Waves

8) Cowboy JunkiesThe Trinity Session: Gold disc SACD hybrid by Mobile Fidelity, Audio Fidelity or Analogue Productions-I know that Mike Timmins does not have fond memories of his time being on two major labels. I’m sure that something can be worked out with, likely, Sony/Legacy. They are the ones who own RCA material. If I am recalling correctly, there was a gold disc planned for this album and then it got pulled years ago. This is a 5-star album that deserves being given the best treatment because this is the one that turned so many of us on to the band in the first place.

Cowboy Junkies Trinity

9) The Velvet Underground-a reissue or a new box set for Loaded: Since we’ve gotten 3 magnificent box set reissues of the first three albums, I can’t see why Loaded couldn’t get one too. My question is thus: Does Rhino still own this or has Universal secured the rights to release this?


10) Dave Mason-Expanded and brand new masterings for Certified Live and Let It Flow: These two albums get overlooked in the wake of the love for his Alone Together album. They are both in desperate need of sonic overhauls. I have read a lot of complaints about the CDs that have been out there for years.

Dave Mason Let It Flow

11) The Friends Of DistinctionGrazin’, Highly Distinct, Real Friends and the Whatever albums need to be presented individually or as two-fers. I’d even take a new compilation from somebody like the Real Gone Music label.

Friends Of Distinction Grazin

12) Jr. Walker & The All-Stars: I’d really like to see a really comprehensive catalog run for Jr. Walker & The All-Stars by Universal on the same order as the other Motown artists and bands that they’ve been doing recently. Please! And make it mono while you’re at it.


13) SkylarkSkylark: Here’s another one from Canada that needs to be done in a loving way by a U.S. reissue label. The album is supposed to be a really good one. Plus, over the years, I’ve heard complaints from people that the one CD that’s been out there is supposedly pretty brutal on the sound quality issue. If a low generation tape, or better yet, the original multi-track mix-down master for this album can be found, then it needs to get out there and done right. “Wildflower” deserves so much better.

Skylark Skylark

14) Van MorrisonAstral Weeks: Super Deluxe Edition: Yeah, I know that Van got really pissed over the Moondance Super Deluxe, but it was exactly the kind of thing I wanted. If one could be done for the Astral Weeks album, I’d be over the moon.

Van Morrison Astral Weeks

15) Muddy Waters: More unreleased shows. I don’t care which periods they would come from. There’s no such thing in this world as too many live show releases from Muddy Waters.

Muddy Waters

16) King Curtis: Somebody has got to step up to the plate and do either individual album releases or a brand new multi-disc set release that would be comprehensive and have the best possible mastering. It’s criminal that King Curtis isn’t a household name except among music nerds.

King Curtis

17) Matthews Southern ComfortLater That Same Year:  I’d like to see somebody here in the United States reissue this album or else do a thorough compilation of them.

Matthews Southern comfort Later-That-Same-Year

18) Billy StewartUnbelievable: Has anybody done what could be considered a definitive job on this album?

Billy Stewart Unbelieveable

19) Lynyrd SkynyrdStreet Survivors: SACD hybrid release from Mobile Fidelity.


20) Smokey Robinson & The Miracles: The rest of their catalog done by Universal-After the Depend On Me: The Early Albums set, there’s a massive hole in my collection which has been screaming at me to get the rest of the albums into my collection. Universal? Could you please come to the white courtesy phone and get this taken care of? It’s the equivalent of putting your shirt on and then walking out of the house having forgotten that you didn’t put your pants on.



 –Steve Talia

By MARowe

12 thoughts on “Talia’s Overflow Notes: Wishlist for 2015”
  1. If there is a 5.1 mix in existence of “Astral Weeks” like there was for “Moondance”, I would be all over a deluxe edition of that! :)

  2. I would pick up The Cowboy Junkies Trinity Sessions in a heartbeat. Yes, MOFI, an SACD or Analogue Productions or even Audio Fidelity!!!

  3. I have a small but important (for me at least) list of albums that have never been officially released on CD*. I’d be happy just to get these in a decent edition:
    Among them:
    Buckingham Nicks
    Tranquility – Silver
    Glencoe – Glencoe
    Glencoe – Spirit of Glencoe
    Argent – Counterpoints
    Spooky Tooth – The Mirror* (though released with a budget cover, I want the real thing)
    SAHB without Alex – Fourplay* (in a decent sounding release)

  4. The first 6 you mention are definitely ones that need to be remastered. Another Canadian group that needs it’s entire library remastered is Trooper.

  5. Yes, a collection by Hamilton, Joe Frank amp; Reynolds would be great. But my all-time wish for the last few years is for Mobile Fidelity to get a hold of Bustin’ Out by Pure Prairie League, give it some balls and release it on vinyl. The US CD absolutely reeks of treble (probably the way it was recorded). I do have a mint copy on vinyl that sounds better but still would love to see MFSL do something with this.

  6. Thanks for the titles I’m not familiar with. I’ll listen on Spotify to see if I want to purchase those I’m not used to hearing on a regular basis.

  7. Still wishing for a proper remaster/reissue of the superb psych funk first album by Automatic Man (Pat Thrall, Mike Shrieve, Bayete etc.). The only CD reissue of this great album has been by Lemon and a real lemon it is. You can actually hear someone bump the turntable making the record skip at the end of the first track.

  8. Keep up with the input, people. I’m really enjoying it. I just wanted to let you know that some of what inspired this list is the fact that I’m really happy with the direction that Real Gone Music appears to be taking. The other part is that I’ve been reading about complaints from people for quite a long time that nobody, not even Rhino, has considered or put out a Canadian Nuggets set yet. That still puzzles me. Honestly! I listed individual albums because that’s my perfect world in lieu of comps.

  9. I have only 1 wish for 2015. Steven Wilson to remaster Tales like all the brilliant work he’s done on other Yes records. Actually, Pink Flyd Wish You were Here as a more affordable single blu-ray would be nice as well. Same for Aqualung.

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