CarlBaratAndTheJackalsCarl Barât has been around the block a few times with The Libertines, Dirty Pretty Things, and a solo venture. Recently, the once volatile relationship with fellow Libertines bandmate, Pete Doherty seemed to have healed well enough to announce a reunion of The Libertines. As well, the band has signed a contract with Virgin Records. And so, while that is on the burner, Carl Barât has created a new work with a new band, called The Jackals.

Carl Barât And The Jackals have their debut album release, Let It Reign, on the calendar for issue on February 16 (UK), February 24 (US). The new venture, likely a short-lived affair, will start with a bang. The new album is planned for release on CD, LP, and the requisite digital files that include MP3.

Let It Reign will be be filled with ten tracks. The opener track, “Glory Days” is already available, and can be heard on various platforms that include Spotify, YouTube (heard below), and the individual locations to purchase the track from.

By MARowe