Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet BD-AudioBon Jovi had already gained a following with their albums, Bon Jovi, and 7800 Fahrenheit. But it wasn’t until their Slippery When Wet release that they gained the love of many millions of fans. In fact, it can be said that you know Bon Jovi mostly by the tracks found on this album. Those tracks include “Wanted: Dead Or Alive”, “You Give Love A Bad Name”, “Never Say Goodbye”,and “Livin’ On A Prayer”.

It’s never a surprise to discover an album as immensely popular as this one (it sold more than twenty-eight million units worldwide) to get an upgrade every so often. With such an installed fan-base, no matter how diminished it may be now, the numbers still promise a healthy sales kick.

On February 17, Mercury Records will release a Blu-ray-Audio (BD-Audio) Edition of Slippery When Wet (1986) that promises remastering, and hopefully, expansion of the original album with surprise tracks, whatever they may be.

This post will be updated when additional information becomes available.


By MARowe

5 thoughts on “Slippery When Wet By Bon Jovi Gets Upgrade With BD-Audio In February”
  1. Can you find out if they are including the 5.1 mix from the previously released dual disc? If they are then this is a definite buy! :)

  2. That will be interesting whether it will be in 5.1 as MAR has suggested more news will follow, i hope i am wrong i have couple of bluray audio discs and it’s rare they have extras, most times you only get the original album.

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