Elle King Exs & OhsMy first contact with the music of Elle King came with her excellent tongue in cheek tune, “Good To Be A Man” (heard below), where she plays a role of man in a culture that oppresses women. But, of course, that can be stretched further as you translate the many cultures that oppress women into the genius of the song.

Elle King is a fun-loving musician whose music explores the roots of Rock, Country, and Blues. In 2012, Elle King releasesd a 4-track EP via Fat Possum/RCA Records. Of the four songs, her “Good To Be A Man” garnered the most attention, and rightfully so. Since, She has toured frequently. It’s now an exciting bit of news to report that her new album, her debut full-length set entitled Ex’s & Oh’s is scheduled to be released at some point in early 2015, our first announce for the new year.

Ex’s & Oh’s is being preceded by the first single release, the title cut from the album. The song, “Ex’s & Oh’s” is currently available, and can be accessed via Spotify, and SoundCloud (see below).

For those interested in hearing her 4-track EP, navigate this link to her website. There, you will be able to listen to all four songs.

I will update this as the album’s release date comes into clearer focus. And if you’re just now hopping on board the Elle King wagon, good to have ya!

Point of interest: It may be interesting for some to know that Elle King’s father is Rob Schneider of SNL fame.

By MARowe

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  1. i’m questioning whether it’s even worth my time to comment on trash like this. nothing quite like the celebration of cliche as if it were profound, let alone humorous.

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