Lanois Flesh and MachineDaniel Lanois is most famous (likely) due to his production collaborations with Brian Eno in producing important U2 albums like The Unforgettable Fire, The Joshua Tree, and others. but those weren’t his only projects. Not only has Lanois acted as producer for a number of artists that include Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, even co-producing Peter Gabriel‘s Up album, he has enjoyed a somewhat subtle but important solo career beginning with his 1989 Opal album, Acadie.

Acadie was a fantastic album, however, it is not as well known as it should be. Regardless, it is a rich experience of music that includes a beautiful rendition of the traditional song, “Amazing Grace”. Daniel Lanois has issued ten solo efforts that does not include two soundtracks (Sling Blade, Lost In Mississippi). His last work, Black Dub, was released in 2010.

On October 27, Anti- Records will release the next Daniel Lanois album. The new album is called Flesh And Machine, and will feature music crafted in his many solo works, a hybrid of Folk, Rock, and Americana, and swirled throughout with his notable style of collaborations in early electronics music.

Flesh And Machine will be released as a CD, and a vinyl LP issue, which will also contain a CD version of the album.

I find this an exciting release from one of the unsung heroes in our extended Rock and Roll history.


By MARowe

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