Pink Floyd The Endless River TitleUnless you haven’t been paying attention, this late announcement of a new Pink Floyd album is likely old news to you. But that’s ok. Better late than never, especially if you haven’t heard.

As many of you already know, Pink Floyd minus Roger Waters created The Division Bell, releasing it in 1994. As it is with so many albums, there were ideas recorded, although they were not fully fleshed out. And as with many bands, those outtakes simply sit in a “can” until they are resurrected for Special Editions, or ignored altogether as not having been good enough for a full album. This is part of the truth for the new, upcoming album from the established name of Pink Floyd, still without Roger Waters.

A series of instrumentals were recorded by Gilmour, Wright, and Mason Some 20 years after the release of The Division Bell, Gilmour, and Mason has decided that the once planned release of this collection of songs should, after all, be brought to the public in a new album being called The Endless River.

The new album is largely ambient in nature, with much of it being instrumentals. David Gilmour, and Nick Mason have since worked on the songs adding in previously recorded pieces by Richard Wright. (Richard Wright died in 2008.)

On November 10 in the UK, and the US (November 7 in other countries), the respective labels of each country will release The Endless River in a CD/DVD 18-track Deluxe Edition, a CD/BD (Blu-ray) 18-track Deluxe Edition, and an 18-track 2LP Edition, as well as digital versions of the songs. For surround aficionados, the BD-Audio, and the DVD-Audio discs will contain 5.1 surround versions of the same songs!

It should be interesting to hear what Gilmour, Mason, and Wright kept under wraps all of these years.
Track List – The Endless RiverĀ 

01. Things Left Unsaid
02. It’s What We Do
03. Ebb And Flow
04. Sum
05. Skins
06. Unsung
07. Anisina
08. The Lost Art of Conversation
09. On Noodle Street
10. Night Light
11. Allons-y (1)
12. Autumn’68
13. Allons-y (2)
14. Talkin’ Hawkin’
15. Calling
16. Eyes To Pearls
17. Surfacing
18. Louder Than Words


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