Springsteen BoxBruce Springsteen fans are a tolerant, but extremely loyal bunch. By experience, many of them are fiercely protective of much of Springsteen’s output from then til now. I know this (don’t ask) as I’m a Bruce Springsteen fan with very subjective views to each of his releases, along with a stubbornly loud mouth in voicing them. (Ain’t that right, Bill B, Adam J?!)

To date, just a few of his classics have been remastered for CD. Those are Born To Run, and Darkness On the Edge Of Town. For this new set, five of the classic-era Springsteen albums will have been remastered for CD for the first time! There’s talk of The River following Darkness On The Edge Of Town, and Born To Run, in collectible expanded box sets, but that’s for another time.

To pick up the pace, and correct some wrongs, Columbia Records, and Legacy Recordings will release a collected set of early era Springsteen albums in a Box being named Bruce Springsteen: The Album C0llection Vol 1 1973-1984. This collection will include the following classic albums, all newly remastered by the legendary Bob Ludwig:

  1. Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ (1973)
  2. The Wild, The Innocent And The E-Street Shuffle (1973)
  3. Born To Run (1975)
  4. Darkness On the Edge Of Town (1978)
  5. The River (1980)
  6. Nebraska (1982)
  7. Born In The USA (1984)

Each album will be featured in faithful representation of the original artwork, along with era-faithful label art. The Box will offer a 60-page book with rarely seen photos, a collection of memorabilia, and a collection of original press clippings during this time frame.

Bruce Springsteen: The Album C0llection Vol 1 1973-1984 will also be reissued on vinyl LP in the same remastered form. In addition, there will be digital issues of the set.

Bruce Springsteen: The Album C0llection Vol 1 1973-1984 will be released on November 17.

Bruce Springsteen Set Open


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