ELP TrilogyEmerson, Lake & Palmer is  one of Progressive Rock’s most famous bands. With big sounds, and a solid exploration of classical, folk, jazz, and rock influences, the trio of musicians never did anything small. With Carl Palmer’s expansive drum kit, equaled or exceeded only by Neil Peart of Rush, Keith Emerson’s massive sets and mastery of keyboards, and his propensity for clever on-stage histrionics, and Greg Lake’s skill of guitar and bass, ELP created a wealth of strong recordings that hold sway even over today.

ELP released their debut, the self-titled album with the hit, “Lucky Man”, and followed it up with the unmatched orchestral beauty of Tarkus. But with their third album, the aptly named Trilogy (announcing not only their third album, but also the fact there were only three in this band), they created a unique collection of songs that they’ve not revisited the style of since. Greg Lake has been noted as saying that Trilogy was his favorite of the band’s output.  Indeed, Trilogy was a unique direction. It felt that the band was changing directions musically. Of special note is the folkish, “From the Beginning” tune that seems to be the nucleus of the album.

However, it was their next release, Brain Salad Surgery, that the band is better noted for. But Trilogy is a classic. There are fans of the band, myself included, that believe that Trilogy is their best album, just as Greg Lake would have wanted. Months ago, it was announced that Jakko Jakszyk of King Crimson fame, would undertake the remixing duties vacated by Steven Wilson, who had remixed Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and Tarkus. Jakszyk’s first effort was Brain Salad Surgery, whereby he aced the job.

His next, Trilogy, is now just around the corner, if you want it (and who doesn’t?). The new remix is now listed on UK’s Amazon site as being ready for October 13, (October 21 as an import title via Amazon US). As with Brain Salad Surgery, there is expected to be high resolution mixes of the album, along with accompanying 5.1 Surround mixes for fans of the style.

There is a Limited Edition version that is expected as well, although a bit pricier (Amazon is listing at $60.99). It is slated to arrive a week earlier (nice marketing move) on October 7.

For me, as relates to Trilogy and the new mixes, “it’s all clear, you were meant to be here from the beginning”.

Looking forward! And I PROMISE to alert US fans to the domestic US dates when they become known.

By MARowe

7 thoughts on “UK Amazon Lists ELP’s Trilogy Remix For October”
  1. Amazon UK has it on right now for the price of a single CD (the CD /DVD version)! With the VAT removed for export, it is a really good price. It works out to about $19 including postage.

  2. This Limited Edition you speak of is completely unrelated to the UK reissue. It’s nothing more than a Japanese reissue of the original album.
    AFAIK, there will only be a 2 (or 3) disc edition of “Trilogy”, similar to the ELP and Tarkus reissues.

  3. I will check into that, but the UK Amazon site clearly states it is a CD/DVD, coming out in October. I checked on CD Japan, and I couldn’t find a reissue of a double disc Trilogy listed. I am leaving my preorder stand until I am sure. I am hoping UK has made a mistake in their initial pricing, which they are bound to honour. The CD/DVD is also listed on the Amazon Canada site for approx. $35 CDN for about the same date. I would advise people who are interested to preorder just in case – there is lots of time before shipping to change your mind.

  4. Just an update (Sept 25) – the Amazon UK site now shows the set as a 3 disc, including a DVD, and they have not raised the price! No other details at this time, but still a “no harm in reserving” situation for now.

  5. I got an e-mail from burning shed saying that the trilogy special edition is available on APRIL 27!

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