NeilDiamond Melody RoadRecently, Neil Diamond returned to the umbrella of Universal after many decades with Columbia Records. The most notable of this transition is that it has been six years since Home Before Dark, his studio album of original tunes. Since, we have gotten an album of covers (Dreams – 2010), which we won’t count although those are pretty cool to have, and Dreams was good. We have stringent hopes that we’ll see new remasters of Neil Diamond, most of which have been neglected from a sound update point of view. Personally, I’m all excited and anticipatory waiting for a Serenade update, perhaps with bonus tracks from the sessions that gave us that 1974 gem.

Nevertheless, the thing that such a transition was likely to produce, is a new studio effort. ¬†And that is what we’re going to get.

On October 21, Universal (under the newly formed Neil Diamond label imprint) will release Melody Road. Melody Road will be issued on CD, LP, and DD, and is a title that many Neil Diamond fans are waiting for. For now, that is all of the information that we have on the new album.

Please note that the release date may change (although I’m holding onto this date), and the album cover (acquired by a dubious website) might differ from this one provided. But one thing is sure, Melody Road is coming!

By MARowe

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