Blue Pills Blue PillsExcuse me while I get all nostalgic and teary-eyed because of some upstart new band touring the old-school Led Zeppelin road. After hearing the tune, “Devil Man” by Blues Pills, not only was I enthralled by the band’s genuine retro sound, but also by the bluesy strength of lead singer, Elin Larsson, and her magnificent voice. There, now that I have the gushing out of the way, let me tell you a little bit about Blues Pills.

Blues Pills has an origin that incorporates three countries including Sweden (Elin Larsson – vocals), US (Cory Berry – drums, Zack Anderson – bass), and France (Dorian Sorriaux – guitars). With the blend that these young musicians provide Blues Pills, derived from all of the great influences of the late ’60s like Fleetwood Mac (and NOT the Buckingham/Nicks-era version), Big Brother and The Holding Company, and a host of other great blues-based rock bands from that time period, Blues Pills is, quite simply, somewhat of an amazing powerhouse.

The vocals of Elin Larsson provides a strength to the band, elevating their appeal beyond what other retro bands can bring to the emerging musical appreciation of all things ’60s and ’70s. Some equate her voice with that of Janis Joplin. While that can be true to an extent, I’d go so far as to say that she brings a strong Robert Plant-like voice to the mix. She personally attributes vocal influence to Joe Cocker, and Aretha Franklin. Musically, the rhythm section of Berry and Anderson can crunch the songs, while Sorriaux’s guitars are fiery and important.

BluesPills Band B

On August 5, Nuclear Blast America will release the band’s album US debut with the self-titled ┬áten-track album (“High Class Woman”, “Ain’t No Change”, “Jupiter”, “Black Smoke”, “River”, “No Hope Left For Me”, “Devil Man”, “Astralplane”, “Gypsy” (Chubby Checker cover), “Little Sun”). The previous releases includes their first issue, a 4-track EP entitled Bliss, released in 2012, with three of the tracks on this EP found on the upcoming Blues Pills full-length (“Devil Man”, “Astralplane”, “Little Sun”). Also in 2012, the band introduced a new song, “Black Smoke” by way of a 7″ vinyl single, backed with “Bliss”. In 2013, they released another four-track EP, this one called Devil Man. Devil Man contained the title song (taken from the Bliss EP), “River”, “Time Is Now”, and “Dig In”. Two from that EP are also included on the new album. ┬áThe four-song Live at Rockpalast EP was released in March of 2014, holding the live cuts of “”In The Beginning”, “Black Smoke”, “Little Sun”, and “Exit Mind”.

The album for the US can be had on CD, CD/DVD, DD, and vinyl LP. In addition, there is a cool bundle that includes the CD, along with T-shirt, CD/DVD digipack, poster, and an autographed postcard. If it’s vinyl you want, it can be had in black vinyl, orange vinyl, and a cool looking picture disc.

US Blues Pills Bundle

The Blues Pills album comes to Europe on July 28.


Now, consider yourself caught up. The rest is up to you.

1967 is not really all that far away, now that Blues Pills is here.

By MARowe

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  1. A definite pre-order for me. Very classic rock sounding. Very classic rock looking album art and band. I will pay for my ticket and take the ride.

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