TheHorrorsLuminousOn May 6, (May 5 in the UK), The Horrors, a British band with three pretty good studio albums out since 2007 (Strange House – 2007, Primary Colours – 2009, Skying – 2011), will release their 4th one, Luminous. With the single “So Now You Know” out in advance of the new album, I have to say that I expect Luminous to be quite the ride.

The Horrors originated in Britain in 2005, with a strong love and influence toward ’80s music. If you think Depeche Mode, Jesus And Mary Chain, and Psychedelic Furs, then you’re on your way to think what The Horrors might be like. The new song (viewed below) is a great tune that is not only transporting to another time, but is a realization of a great band to explore and enjoy.

Once you hear “So Now You Know”, you’ll likely not only be pre-ordering Luminous, you may also be thinking about picking up the previous three!

Luminous with its ten new tracks, will be issued on standard single CD, the usual MP3 DD, and a vinyl LP release.

Please, let me know what you think of The Horrors, even if you find them uninteresting (the horror!!).

By MARowe

6 thoughts on “Discoveries: The Horrors (UK)”
  1. Not my cup of tea. I listened to it and have to say that your description was right on; “Depeche Mode, Jesus And Mary Chain, and Psychedelic Furs”.

    Hoping my Yes album comes in the mail today.

      1. No, not at all. I just took a different turn in the 80’s (Maiden, Priest, Scorpions, Def Leppard, U2, Ozzy, Crue, Van Halen, etc.). and never really embraced those “MTV” pop bands.

  2. They’re OK. If they came on the radio, I would listen to it and probably enjoy them, but I wouldn’t buy their records. This isn’t meant as a criticism of the band, just that they aren’t the style I really enjoy to the point I would spend money on them.

  3. i find the track moderately intriguing and rather reminiscent of the one and only full-length and eponymous title by PITTY SING – and in a good way!

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