A Few Releases And An Overview of Recent News:

Bob Dylan – The DVD, Blu-ray and CD releases for Bob Dylan-30th Anniversary Concert will be released on March 4 and is up for pre-order over at Amazon. (IMWAN/Hoffman Forum)

Peter, Paul & Mary / Heart – The great people over at Audio Fidelity made it official through an e-mail of theirs today.  SACD hybrids for the self-titled Peter, Paul & Mary album and Heart – Magazine are slated for February releases.  Don’t be surprised if there are delays, but it’s great to know that these are definitely coming out.  It just seems like SACD hybrid releases always end up being late no matter who the company is that is releasing any given title.  (Audio Fidelity e-mail)

Heart Magazine

Three Dog Night – Some equally really cool people over at Iconoclassic Records let it slip out that Three Dog Night – One will be getting a reissue from them at some point this year.  I told them that I hope they will be able to work progressively and do some of their other albums as well.   (Iconoclassic Records Facebook page)

Three Dog Night One

Led Zeppelin – And first off in reviewing some news which has been filtering out for a while, it should be noted for those of you who have not checked anything out at all lately that it has been officially announced by Jimmy Page that the self-titled first album, II & III from Led Zeppelin will be getting their reissue box sets this year.  It has been clarified that the alternate albums for each title (as Jimmy refers to them) will be released separately if fans only want to get those and not the box sets.  What waits to be seen is just how many options will be available for each title.  Will it be like the multiple options for the Celebration Day set or not?  That seems to be the question right now.  (Jimmy Page Tweets)


The Kinks – Activity for Kinks catalog reissues appears to be starting back up.  The latest word comes from Uncut Magazine.  In a recent article they said that February will supposedly see the Deluxe Edition for Lola vs. Powerman & the Moneygoround and then Live At Kelvin Hall: Deluxe Edition in July.  In May, the previous Deluxe Editions appear to be getting reissues after the recent buyout of Sanctuary Records.  As if this wasn’t enough, there is supposed to be a box set coming out in September and then ’70s and later albums will come rolling along with the passage of time.  (Uncut Magazine/IMWAN)

Aretha Franklin – Word is beginning to get passed around that Mobile Fidelity may be putting out the SACD hybrid of Aretha Franklin – Aretha’s Gold at some point in February.  I am reporting this with my usual caution.  They’ve been known for delays too.  There’s also the usual extra one month wait for MOFI titles in getting over to Amazon for pre-orders for those people who are trying to save some money. (Hoffman Forum)

Aretha Franklin Aretha's Gold

Eric Clapton – I did want to make sure that I passed along some consumer help news for those of you who purchased the current 2013 Eric Clapton Crossroads Festival DVD.  If any of you had any problems with the second disc, you are being advised to get a hold of Dr. Rhino over at his e-mail address of:  drrhino@rhino.com so that he can arrange for you to get help on those who were the supposed few who may have gotten part of a small run of defective discs.  (Eric Clapton Facebook page)

Elvis Presley – There will be a Legacy Edition done of Elvis Presley – Recorded Live Onstage in Memphis: 40th Anniversary Edition-Sony/Legacy due on March 18. (Hoffman Forum)

Bruce Springsteen – Also, in completely different news, word got out through an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine that Bruce Springsteen and Jon Landau are in the process of very seriously considering starting up an official bootleg download series site for shows that will be current ones.  They are possibly targeting the next leg of the current tour for this to happen.  The subject of old shows has also been brought up and it seems that Bruce and Jon are not ruling things out at this point.  On a personal note, I hope they won’t forget the people who like to own physical product.  They have no idea of how many old fans are out there who would practically kill for official releases of old shows like the ’78 radio broadcasts, the ’81 Vietnam Veterans Benefit Show and a ton of others.  Me?  Along with the above mentioned shows among many others, I dream of owning some Steel Mill material and 1974 “Boom” Carter Era shows.  I imagine both Matt and I will keep you informed of the details as time hammers out the details.  I can easily tell that there’s quite a few fans in a state of shock over these possibilities considering the years of resistance by these two over any vault material being released in the past.  Is it too much to ask though if there was limited or no tampering with old material as possible (provided it actually happens)?  Cleaner sound? Yes.  Tampering? No.  (Rolling Stone) 

Mike Bloomfield / Phil Everly – Speaking of Rolling Stone Magazine, the latest issue with Lorde on the cover is one a few of you might want to pick up.  There are two articles in it about Mike Bloomfield and Phil Everly in it that you might find of interest.

RS Lorde

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  1. Are the Three Dog Night titles coming out on vinyl or CD (or both?). I, for one, would love to see a good domestic CD issue of “Golden Biscuits”. Fingers crossed.

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