WishboneAshBlueHorizonWishbone Ash has been around for quite a few decades, although the classic lineups have changed over time.  These days, the band known as Wishbone Ash is fronted by original member, Andy Powell.  Ask anyone from the golden years, and they will all tell you (those that were into Wishbone Ash), that Powell’s guitar work with Wishbone Ash is exemplary, and certainly noteworthy.

After departures of key members for whatever reasons (I stay out of the particulars), Wishbone Ash remains.  Over the years, the band has released good albums that says much about the creative aspects of Powell, and his still great guitars.

I enjoyed their last album, Elegant Stealth, which was released in 2011.  It was a solid album immersed in the Wishbone Ash style carried over all of these years. In that album, Muddy Manninen carried himself well with the expected perfection of Powell’s memorable playing.

On February 21, Wishbone Ash will release their next album, Blue Horizon.  The album will feature the line-up of Bob Skeat (Bass), Muddy Manninen (Guitars), Joe Crabtree (Drums), and, of course, Andy Powell.  This line-up has been intact starting from the band’s last two albums (Elegant Stealth, Power Of Eternity).

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