DeepPurpleTheCompleteAlbums19701976In a period where combined album collections are doing well, and because you have indicated a desire to note them as they arrive, I’m delivering this bit of news from Rhino.  On October 8, there will be a 10CD Box representing a strong period of Deep Purple, namely their 1970-1976 era.

There are plenty of Deep Purple strength that go into this collection and period.  Beginning with Deep Purple with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra: Concerto For Group and Orchestra (actually 1969), with the studio issues (In Rock – 1970, Fireball – 1971, Machine Head – 1972, Who Do We Think We Are? – 1973, Burn – 1974, Stormbringer – 1974, Come Taste The Band – 1975), and two important live releases (Made In Japan – 1972, Made In Europe – 1975).

Personally, I don’t think there is a single one of us here (‘cept for Tanner, the 11-year old), who didn’t follow Deep Purple right along throughout all of these albums.  I know I did.  I can remember riding around town to not only Machine Head in the 8-track, but also the insane energy that emanated from Made In Japan.

So, if you don’t have all the albums listed here, and they were a viable part of your impressionable lives (they were mine), then this 10CD Box of Deep Purple: The Complete Albums 1970-1976 could be your nostalgic build.  For me, this albums contained in this box represent a kind of hiraeth. But I’m like that.

By MARowe

7 thoughts on “TAPSheet: Rhino To Issue 10CD Complete Albums Box For Deep Purple”
  1. Matt,
    It has just been reported over at the Hoffman Forum that Audio Fidelity is going to do their first box set. It is going to be of Deep Purple with Gold CDs of In Rock, Fireball, Machine Head and Who Do We Think We Are?. the package will be a metal box.

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